Напольные часы Howard Miller 610-874 Adams

619642 руб.
  • The stately olive ash burl pediment offers carved rosettes, carved finial support and a uniquely carved finial.
  • Elaborate dial features raised brass Arabic numerals and a special moon phase with Presidential Collection hemispheres.
  • Triangular olive ash burl overlays on the lower door frame the oval, beveled glass.
  • Beveled glass continues on the upper door and sides.
  • The polished brass pendulum offers a cast center disc which complements the dial and the banded weight shells.
  • Combination reeded and turned columns feature elaborately carved caps at the top, and special caps at the center and bottom to match the finial.
  • The decorative cut-out base offers more olive ash burl, carved column supports and an embossed molding that wraps around the base.
  • Cable-driven, triple chime Kieninger movement offers automatic nighttime chime shut-off option.
  • Finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers.
  • Adjustable levelers under each corner provide stability on uneven and carpeted floors.
  • You will receive a free heirloom plate, engraved with name and date, by returning the enclosed request card to Howard Miller.
  • Locking door for added security.
  • Automatic nighttime chime shut-off option.
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  • Размеры: 227 x 69 x 39 см
  • Артикул: 610-874
  • Механизм: Механический
  • Страна производства: Сделано в США
  • Циферблат под стеклом: -
  • Мелодия: да
  • Бой: да
  • Дополнительные функции: Автоматическое ночное отключение боя
  • Материал: Дерево

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